Nuestra Señora de los Remedios de Iznalloz is aware of the need to guarantee that the oils it makes and bottles meet the requirements that are necessary to protect consumer health and to fully satisfy customers' needs. Accordingly, it has designed its INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT POLICY based on principles of co-operation, honesty and social responsibility. Its directives are as follows:

  • To comply with all legal requirements provided in current legislation on food health, occupational health & safety and the environment.
  • To comply with the regulatory quality in place for its products and the additional requirements and undertakings assumed with customers.
  • To foster the culture of continuous improvement in products and processes.
  • To set up relations with customers to learn their requirements and respond to their expectations for mutual benefit.
  • To establish alliances with suppliers that lead to mutual growth.
  • To foster a pleasant, positive working climate that favours worker communication, development and participation.
  • To foster the active participation of all workers by providing them the information and training that is necessary for their functions and professional development.
  • To collaborate with as many organisations as necessary to improve the products and services that are provided.
  • To collaborate and foster socially responsible actions that benefit the local community.
  • To foster a culture of respect for the surrounding environment, reducing the environmental impact of its activities.
  • To reduce the waste that is produced and process it appropriately.
  • To minimise the consumption of resources and optimise their use.

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Explanada de la Estación
18550 Iznalloz
Granada - España
+34 958 384 179


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