The cooperative has two distinct branches:

  • Oil mill.
  • Oil bottling plant.


Oil mill

The first, is located on the Esplanade called Station, within the city limits of Iznalloz, where recepciona the olive oil is extracted and stored, and is formed by the various departments:
      • Reception patio:
          1. 6 lines olive reception
          2. Hoppers factory storage, a battery composed of 12 units with a total capacity of 600 tons of olives.
      • Factory:
          1. 6 lines formed by extraction by centrifugation in two phases, with a milling capacity of 600 tonnes / day. The oil obtained on centrifugation, passing a battery of 10 lightening 19,300 kg each, which has been removed from the vertical centrifugal stage, thus diminishing the power consumption and water, completely eliminating effluent of that process, helping to improve environmental quality in the process.
          2. Winery: Formed by 31 stainless steel tanks with a total capacity of 3,000 tons of oil. The winery is a partially buried enclosure with masonry walls insulation coated on the outside for insulation that prevents sudden temperature changes affect the product outside.

Oil bottling plant

It is located in the Industrial Iznamontes newly created, opened in November 2009, and which is available:
  • A storehouse of oil, composed of 13 stainless steel tanks with a total capacity of 550 tons.
  • A filter area.
  • A packaging area, with two lines, suitable for different format types we have in the market, with a bottling capacity of 500 tons / month.
  • An auxiliary materials warehouse A warehouse packed product.

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Explanada de la Estación
18550 Iznalloz
Granada - España
+34 958 384 179


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