The cooperative has two clearly differentiated plants. A plant where the olives are taken in, extracted and stored, and a bottling/packaging plant.


Virgin olive oil production facility

It is located in the so-called Explanada Estación, within the urban area of Iznalloz, where the olives are picked and milled, and the oil is extracted and stored. It features:

An intake patio: 6 conveyor belts for the intake and cleaning of the olives, and 12 storage hoppers with a total capacity of 600 tonnes of olives.

A factory: Formed by 6 lines of two-phase extraction by centrifugation systems, with a 600 t/day milling capacity, and subsequent decantation with 10 clarifiers, each with a 19,300 Kg capacity.

Cellars: There are 2 cellars in which 31 stainless steel tanks with a total capacity of 2,000 tonnes of oil are kept.

Bottling facility

A recently built facility located in the Iznamontes Industrial Estate, it opened its doors in November 2009 and features:

  • Filtering room.
  • A bottling room, with two lines, suitable for the different types of formats we have on the market, with a bottling capacity of 300 t/month.
  • A warehouse for secondary materials.
  • A warehouse for packaged products.

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