How we work

How we work2019-06-19T11:52:36+02:00

Virgin olive oil

The cooperative’s main activities are: obtaining virgin olive oil, bottling said olive oil ready for direct consumption, and the commercialisation of all the oils produced, both in bulk and individually. In addition, we offer services to our partners, or internal clients, such as technical agronomic advice, assistance and supplies.

Oil mill

  • During the initial stage, the olives are classified and separated according to their qualities (flight / variety / defective)
  • Leaves and any remaining stems are removed
  • They are ground daily at a low temperature
  • The oil obtained is stored in cellars at a controlled temperature and in labelled stainless steel tanks until it is bottled

Bottling machine

  • The oil obtained undergoes physico-chemical and sensory evaluations
  • They are identified by batch

  • They are packaged and a record is kept for each stage of the check
  • The bottled oil can be traced back to its source

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