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Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Iznaoliva Oil

The most widely traded brand, both in the Virgin and Extra Virgin categories.

90% of the olives used in this oil are of the picual variety, and the remaining 10% consists of other local olive varieties from the area.

Green with golden hues. Mild fruity aroma reminiscent of green and ripe olives. Slightly bitter and spicy flavour.

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Iznaoliva Premium

Brand intended to market extra virgin olive oil with the distinctive Montes de Granada Denomination of Origin.

The origins of the virgin olive oil sold under this brand name can be guaranteed, as well as a more intense fruitiness and aromatic qualities.

Deep green colour. Fresh fruity smell reminiscent of green olives. Medium bitter taste with a light spiciness.

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Acatucci Oil

The oil that is marketed under this brand name is of the Arbequina variety, which is sourced from some of our partners’ groves.

Olives As it is an early ripening variety, it is harvested at the beginning of each season and ground separately.

Green with golden yellow hues. Intense fruity aroma reminiscent of green almonds and apples. Sweet and slightly spicy flavour.

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Iznaoliva Veraison

Premium oil obtained directly from the picked olives with the exclusive use of mechanical procedures.

The olives are sourced from olive groves in the Montes de Granada region, and selected at an early state of ripeness, in which green and purple olives predominate. They are picked and delivered to the mill where they are ground on the same day as harvesting.

Green colour. Intense fruity aroma reminiscent of green olives, with notes of fresh grass and tomato plants. Bitter and slightly spicy flavour.

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